LEGO Sith Nightspeeder

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Sith Nightspeeder
Set: 7957
Series: Clone Wars
Buy it: Amazon, eBay
Released: 2011
Pieces: 213
Minifigs: 3

LEGO Sith Nightspeeder Review

Combining a highly playable model with rare and unique minifigures, the Sith Nightspeeder LEGO set should appeal to both kids and collectors alike.

From The Clone Wars series, the Sith Nightspeeder is a speeder used by the Nightsisters on Dathmir. Here, it’s manned by Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress.

Asajj was previously available in the Republic Attack Gunship set, but that is no longer available in stores (and if you find one, it will be pretty expensive). So if you want to add an Asajj to your collection, the Sith Nightspeeder set is your best chance.

At the time of this writing, Savage Opress is exclusive to this set. He’s a great looking minifigure, and should please fans of the Clone Wars series.

The included Anakin Sywalker is also new to this set.

Playability Features

The Sith Nightspeeder is┬ávery easy to hold and swoosh around with a single hand, making its one of the best LEGO Star Wars sets for kids that I’ve seen in quite some time.

If you look at the product image above, you’ll notice what look like two seats on the Nightspeeder. Those seats are actually speeders, and they slide off of the base when you pull them forward. When you’re finished playing with the speeders, you can just pop them back on. It’s pretty cool, and kids should be happy with three vehicles in the set.

There are also two flick missiles and a little rocket you can eject with the press of your thumb.


The Sith Nightspeeder is a quick and easy build. It’s recommended for ages 7-12, but it shouldn’t be a problem for kids a little younger than that.

The only trouble with this set is that it there are a lot of stickers to put on. See all the brown and gray detail on it? Well, most of those are stickers. Younger kids will probably struggle with getting them on straight, so you may have to step in and help out if needed.


If you’re trying to find a LEGO Star Wars set for a young Clone Wars fan, you can’t go wrong with the Sith Nightspeeder. It’s a highly playable set that kids should be able to build on their own and enjoy playing with once they’re finished.

And if you’re a collector, you will probably the new and exclusive minifigures.

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