10 LEGO Star Wars Models That Will Blow Your Mind

LEGO has done an admirable job of designing Star Wars sets over the years, but in terms of sheer imagination, dedication and piece count, none of their stock sets come close to the homemade fan-created models you’re about to see below.

Here, I present you with the 10 most impressive homemade LEGO Star Wars models you will ever see.

1. LEGO Droid Control Ship

lego droid control ship

Paul Yperman’s LEGO Droid Control Ship is one of the finest pieces of LEGO modeling you will ever see.

Built from over 30,000 pieces, it took more than two years to design and build. See more shots of this model.


lego at-at

The official LEGO AT-AT is one of my favorite Star Wars sets from the last year, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Rocko’s incredible interpretation. See more images of the AT-AT on his flickr page.

3. LEGO Speederbike

lego speederbike

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect LEGO Speederbike than this one, created by Guybrush. See more images of this model here.

4. LEGO Arrival of the Emperor

lego arrival of emperor

Though your eyes might tell you otherwise at first, this really is made out of LEGO.

Created by Jay Hoff, this is one of the best LEGO dioramas you will ever see. Built from over 30,000 bricks and incorporating nearly 400 minifigures, this is a massively beautiful creation.

To give you some sense of scale, the Imperial Shuttle you see in the background is the official LEGO Imperial Shuttle, which stands over two feet tall.

5. LEGO Militarized X-Wing

lego x wing

Inspired by modern military aircraft, Zane Houston’s Militarized X-Wing proves that you can create an awesome LEGO Star Wars model without using thousands of pieces.

6. LEGO Rusty Ferret

rusty ferret

From the Star Wars Expanded Universe comes The Rusty Ferret, courtesy of the always awesome Mark Kelso.

Click here for more images of this incredible LEGO Star Wars model.

7. LEGO Jedi Steamfighter

lego steamfighter

We all knew it was only a matter of time before LEGO Star Wars collided with Steampunk, and the results are about as awesome as you could hope for.

Zack Clapsadle has taken the iconic shape of the Jedi Starfighter and given it a complete facelift. You can see more images on his flickr page.

8. LEGO Sandcrawler

lego sandcrawler

This LEGO Sandcrawler was created by Marshal Banana, and it is absolutely incredible.

Built from over 10,000 pieces, it’s over 3 feet long and features many RC parts. For more pictures (including some sweet interior shots), check out the creator’s flickr stream.

9. LEGO Domino Squad

lego domino squad

Created by AC Pin, this LEGO version of the Domino Squad is one of the best examples of large-scale LEGO Star Wars architecture ┬áthat I’ve seen.

See more shots of this model.

10. LEGO Invisible Hand


lego invisible hand

The second addition to this list from Mark Kelso, this model of General Grievous’ Invisible Hand is flat out insane.

This LEGO model took over 9 months to build. It’s 231 studs long, and weighs 30 pounds.

See more images of this model here.